7 Places For Naughty Food In Manchester


Okay so despite being a writer, I struggled with the title of this post. I didn't want to call it 'treat' food as that makes you think you can only have it once in a while, when realistically - life's too damn short. And 'dirty' seemed to imply the wrong thing. So it's the fun food, the I don't give a crap about calories food for when a salad or soup won't do. Here's seven places in Manchester for when you want just that.


1. Solita

Halloumi fries, pizza fries, sweet potato fries - you name it - they've got it. Alongside steaks, hot dogs and all the burgers you could want. A huge menu for when you basically want all the food.

2. The Hip Hop Chip Shop 

A chippy, but not as you know one. The hip hop chip shop is, well, hip for starters. And their portion sizes are huge. I love the halloumi fingers here and it's not expensive either.

3. Home Sweet Home

A homely interior and a homely menu with naughty options. From brunch, to chicken and cheeseburger toasties to bacon rain fries - there's two branches in Manchester and you can reserve too which you never were able to. I recommend the oreo milkshake to go with whatever you're eating. It's incredible.

4. Almost Famous

A good shout for burgers - there's lots of choice and you can be as naughty as you like from a plain classic burger to stacking it up with deep fried bacon and halloumi.


5. Pieminister 

In the heart of the Northern Quarter you'll find Pieminister - an intimate venue that serves, yep you guessed it - PIES! From blue cheese to chicken and steak and ale to ham and leek - you can get it with peas and mash if you're seriously hungry, or hangry.

6. Northern Soul

The best grilled cheese in town, and this isn't the first time I've talked about these guys. From £5 you can get a plain cheese or mix it up with thick ham, swiss cheese and pickle. It's a great lunch or dinner option with quick service that won't break the bank.


7. Gasworks 

From a yorkshire pudding filled with honey baked ham to a brunch menu that starts at a fiver, Gasworks on First Street is great go-to if you fancy some naughty grub. There's healthy options too of course, but that's not what this article is for. I love their classic hot dog and come summer, this place has one of the city's best sun traps.


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