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Monday, 13 May 2019

Instagram Apps I Recommend


I've used Instagram for years, and in that time my feed and I have been in many directions. I've used countless apps, filters, tips and tricks to make my grid just how I want it. So I thought I'd pull together the best of the best (in my eyes), and how I use them to get the most out of my Instagram



I'm going to start with this one because for about three months, I used this religiously (for some reason no matter what before photo I use it keeps rotating it to the right but wanted to keep the photo in so you can see the colour difference - sorry about that!). I was in awe of the colours, the tones and how it could all be achieved in one click. I take a million and one photos so to not have to process it through several apps is very attractive to me. The app is free but you can buy certain parts of it to extend what's available. I used one of the three free filters - I can't remember the exact name of it as I've deleted the app now but all three are pretty nice, so have a play around. The photo above shows the before and after of using Tezza. I didn't use the app for anything but this feature as I loved what it did without feeling the need to tweak it further.


Afterlight was 69p to buy when I bought it, unsure of its cost now as I can only find Afterlight 2. Another app I used to use religiously so was well worth paying for. And I do still use it today, but only once in a while as I've moved onto another app. You can again, buy further extensions including filters, light leaks and textures but you get so many included in the price, that I never felt the need to unlock anything else. I used a filter on Afterlight for a couple of years and it's a great all-in-on tool for cropping, sharpening, colour balance, saturation, textures and pretty much anything else you can think of.


Ahhh Facetune. The app that became an internet sensation and changed people's feed for the better, and sometimes the worse. When I first got facetime, I rinsed the 'whitening tool' as I was going for a really minimal and clean grid theme, which compared to my colourful theme today, is a complete contrast. People have sometimes overused the resize tool on their bodies and features to alter the way they look - the only feature I like is the 'detail tool' which sharpens small areas - I use this for eyes to make them pop. And I'll be honest, I occasionally use the 'smooth' tool if I look patchy. My favourite feature from this is the 'patch tool' which is basically having Photoshop on your phone. Sometimes I'll have left something in the background of a shot or maybe a piece of hair has gone in my face without realising. With this tool you can remove the area and patch it over with what should have been there originally. It's probably the only feature I'm currently using on Facetune. When I bought the app it was £2.99 and I completely think it's worth the money as I've used it so much!


Another app favourite - Snapseed is a minimal looking design that does a lot. Just like Afterlight you can crop, sharpen, adjust colours, play with curves and everything else, but the best part is - it's free. My two highlights from this app are the 'healing tool' which works the same as a patch tool and hides whatever you want by imitating what would have been there before or underneath. It's really quick and effortless. And the other is the 'selective tool' where you can adjust colour and brightness of a small section without it affecting the overall photo - ideal for when the photo isn't lit naturally as you'd want it to be.




Finishing on my current go-to app - Adobe Lightroom, which amazingly is FREE for mobile. And I still can't quite my head around that. Like you'd expect, you can do all of the above on Lightroom from colour adjustment to cropping, lighting and brightness. Some tools for instance, the healing/patch tool you have to upgrade for and since I get that for free on Snapseed, I wouldn't use that upgrade. What I've spent a long time on Lightroom for are presets. I've seen bloggers using these for a while and almost bought some off a few sites, but having used creative software for a while, I thought I'd give it a go myself, and I'm so glad I experimented because now I have exactly the look I want - for now. I know I may change my mind and direction at any point, but I think I'll definitely stick to presets as I can edit a bunch of photos seamlessly in seconds. And I can tweak individual colours if they need it, most times they don't. If you're not clued up about presets, it's basically a one click action that you will have recorded all the steps it took to get the photo to how you wanted it to look and then when it's packaged into a preset, it remembers all that information. Above shows before and after I've used my preset.

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