Ways To Lead A Calmer (And Hopefully More Organised) Life


Oh the irony of this post considering it's been a month since I last blogged. There's reasons for it, but I'm not here to give them, but instead give you some hints, tips and tricks I use to leading a more chilled and zen approach to life. They work for me most of the time, I'm not saying I'm perfect because that would be a lie. But if they help you, great.

Make one night a week your 'me night'

Ideally for the whole night, if not for a few hours - take some alone time. And use it for self-care. Maybe that's something as simple as an early night, picking up a book you like or binging on a Netflix series. It could be blog writing, planning your month, putting on a face mask and just recharging your batteries. Find what makes you chilled, what you enjoy and schedule it in once a week. I never make plans on my 'me night' unless it's a big exception.

Keep things tidy

Sounds pretty dull I know, but a tidy space makes for a clear mind, so don't put it off and definitely don't sit down until it's done because once you're comfy, nothing will get you up.

Marie Kondo your life

If you've not watched or read Marie Kondo - put this on your list too because it will change your life. Basically Marie's theory is that you look at or hold an object and see if it sparks joy. Not everything in your life will, some things are practical and essential but others are there to ask that question. Do you use it, does it bring the right energy into your life, do you enjoy it? And I've been applying it to many aspects of my life unknowingly in the past year. I've decluttered all of the clothes I simply don't enjoy wearing and I've felt great donating so much to charity. I've moved jobs, moved apartments, considered my amount of time and energy I put into my relationships with friends if I simply don't seem to get anything in return, and the list could go on...

Book in some treats

It could be something small like getting a day pass at a gym with a relaxing pool, getting your nails done or booking in for a body massage. Having these things to look forward to that will benefit your mind, body and soul - will get you zen in no time.

Make more phone calls

I love texting but phone calls will always be more personal. Clear time to ring them instead of texting, for blocking out an hour a week to catch up with your best mate or mum or even your S.O.

Get outside and walk where you can

I grew up in the country so am used to walking pretty much anywhere in every condition. I have a 30 minute walk to work every day (one way) and it gives me a great time to relax and either mentally prepare for the day ahead or switch off from my work on the way home. Go for long walks at the weekend alone or with others - it'll clear your mind and exercise is always good.

Get a Google Calendar

Not sponsored by Google, but a Google Calendar has also changed my life. I used to always use the bog standard Apple one but then my friend at work recommended Google and I love it. The design is brighter, clearer and easier to understand and see what I've got on. Get your colour coding going e.g. I use purple for plans, blue for birthdays and bank holidays and grey for football fixtures - blame the boyfriend. I then have a yellow code for plans that we're doing together which then pull through to his calendar. It helps you see really quickly month on month what you've got on, what's coming up and if you need to move plans around, if you could fit something in etc.

Make lists

To-do lists are pretty self-explanatory but writing down everything you need to do, and prioritising it will allow you to make it more manageable.

Learn to say no

Not to everything obviously but if you're not feeling a drink after work, going to a spin class, spending a lot of money on a holiday you can't afford, decline politely. And don't feel like you need to give excuses or detail - a simple "no thanks" or "I can't" will suffice.

Don't let negative energy affect you

I'm a very positive person. Some may say too positive. And my colleagues always bang on about how calm I am, and my answer to that is who and what you surround yourself with. Your vibe attracts your tribe and all that. Some people are generally just negative people and that's okay if that works for them providing it doesn't encroach on your mindset. Some will try to get a reaction from you, don't let them. And try not to hold grudges or negative energy about these kinds of people - it'll do you and your mind more harm. Accept not everyone is the same and don't let their energy deter yours.

Don't put too much pressure on yourself

For me, I've not blogged in a month. The old Stacey would have been so upset, and don't get me wrong, I'm a little bit annoyed I've had an unintentional break but I've had other more important things happening like my job, my friends, my family, my relationship etc. Be realistic and don't beat yourself up when something doesn't go to plan or you expected more. That's life. If you want to change it or something, you will. In time. When it's a priority.


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