Coming Off The Pill - Six Months On


I decided to write this post for many reasons. Well two to be exact. I've been on the pill for a good amount of time and when I was trying to decide whether to abandon ship so to speak, there wasn't many articles like this, from the perspective of someone who had been through it, to help sway me. And I could hardly moan that "there's not many articles out there like this" if I wasn't willing to put pen to paper, or fingers to keys in this respect.

I've been on two different pills during my time taking it and it has its plus points, I won't lie. It's nice to be able to delay your time of the month (hello holidays), I've had great skin during it and I only gained a small amount of weight. It's also great for the obvious one of not ending up pregnant. On the flip side, having been on it for the length of time I have, I was a bit tired of putting additional hormones into my body and not knowing whether my mood swings or any time I might feel low were genuine or harboured by me choosing and putting this hormone into my body. Add that to remembering to take it on time, pack it on trips away and going for your regular blood pressure check ups and being weighed (who ever wants to know that?!). My doctor knows more about my weight changes than me I swear, and interestingly last time I went, she remarked how good my blood pressure was so yay me. I might not be able to wink or roll my tongue but my blood pressure and I are nailing it (for now).

I've been off the pill now for just under six months so I'm hoping 'the worst' is over. And when I say 'the worst', it's really not been bad at all. And I also have to remind myself that when I noticed changes, this happily coincided with lockdown, so could I contribute those to the pill alone? Probably not.

Just like the side effects of going on the pill, there's equally ones you can encounter coming off the pill and they can differ person to person. Some people say the pill makes them put on weight, some say it helps them maintain their weight. Some say it improves their skin and so on. When coming off it, I read that some people's periods can take a while to resume to normal. And you can potentially have more than one that cycle (not ideal), or they can be a bit sporadic in their timing (also not ideal if you then panic you're with child). Happily mine arrived like clockwork for the first 3-4 months and since have been a day or two out which in the grand scheme of things is no big deal. They've also been much shorter which is a big plus obviously.

One thing that took a bit of a downward turn was my skin. I've thankfully never had problematic skin so to have a sudden and lengthy outbreak came as a surprise. In all fairness I've never had much in the way of a 'skincare regime' so in some ways I did deserve it. Whenever I have facials, the therapists alway remark on how dehydrated my skin is so I don't blame my skin for reaching breaking point, but before coming off the pill it had always played ball. I had spots on my chest, neck, hairline, forehead and chin - shout-out to my cheeks for holding it together. Not only did my outbreak coincide with going into lockdown, it also coinciding with me moving in with my boyfriend (if he reads this, I'm not blaming you haha) and me going make-up free, which felt a bit backwards. Here I was finally giving my skin a break from foundation and this was how it repaid me?! Meanwhile my boyfriend's skin was glowing like never before, and he has no regime - answer me that world.

So I turned to a friend who had more skincare knowledge than anyone I've ever met. And she kindly gave me an in-depth regime and recommended products and long story short, it has pretty much cleared up. It took around a month to get back to normal-ish, and when I say normal, it's not Jodie Comer style, glowing skin - but hey, anything's a bonus. Before when I'd touch my face I'd be touching a layer of foundation and a powder to set it, but now whilst working from home and going make-up free, I'm just touching bare skin - so that could also have something to do with it. Straws and clutching comes to mind!

My weight hasn't really changed other than because I'm at home all the time and my daily step count has reduced from the thousands to the hundreds, I'm definitely less toned. But I can hardly blame the pill for that... The main takeaway and number one reason I'm glad I've come off it is that my head feels SO much clearer. It's nice to know that I'm not putting additional hormones into my body and I feel even more level-headed and more in control of my emotions. Things could change in the coming months - I could experience more negatives of coming off it - which if I do, I'll update this post. But for now, I'm happy that I came off it. Make sure you do your research, speak to your doctor and really ask yourself whether coming off the pill is right for you, as whilst I hope this post may help - it's not a one-size-fits-all solution!


  1. Same here! I was on the progestrone-only pill for 10 years and decided to come off it 15 months ago. I hadn't had periods for the majority of that ten years so was shit scared of the impending Carrie nightmare. Thankfully they've since been very regular and the mooncup has been my saving grace. Otherwise I found my skin has improved a little and I've lost a teeny bit of weight (or bloat, I don't weigh myself so not sure). I must admit I now feel more like an actual lady than I have done in years! I can't see myself ever going back!

    Jane (was W back in school)xxx
    (stumbled across your blog and just had to leave a comment! :) )

    1. Wells? Hope I've got the right person here otherwise this is awkward! How are you doing? Glad to hear coming off the pill worked out for you xx

    2. Yep that's me! I've just got married so have a different surname now. I'm great thanks, I hope you're coping well with lockdown? xxx


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