The Girl Behind The Screen

A few things began this blog. Number one, I set up a blogger account. But way before that I had an art teacher. We never saw eye to eye if I'm honest. Yet before I left college, she praised my writing and pushed me to consider the next steps for my love of the written word. I'd always been that annoying kid in school that raises their hand in an exam and asks for more paper, so I knew I had to do something about it.

I went off to university believing I should go because everyone else went. You can probably guess, I didn't enjoy it. But that's where this little thing started. And without being dramatic, it saved my sanity and got me through my final two years, distracting me and giving me the confidence I never had to get myself and this site out there and meet new people.

Fast forward over six years and here we are. Formerly known as ’Style Speaks Louder Than Words', it's now named after me. My blog name and, I guess, blog identity changed in 2015 after a year of pondering “Do I/Don’t I?” but it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while for many reasons. I'll be honest, I outgrew my blog name. What started off as a style hub has evolved into so much more and whist I still have a, dare I say it, 'passion for fashion', my content is much more lifestyle focused now.

I'm a country girl turned city slicker, trading Derbyshire days for Manchester living. When I get a rare bit of free time you'll find me writing, travelling, sipping a pornstar martini, eating a baked camembert, laughing my head off, dancing 'til dawn, with my loved ones and snapping all of my life on social. This little corner of the web is my outlet to express, advise and hopefully inspire at least one or two people along the way.
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